Doug Tallamy goodies (native plants and gardening)

Go Green Galloway hosted a webinar with with Dr. Doug Tallamy (he’s written some cool books) on November 12th 2020 – Doug gave an amazing presentation on creating habitat and becoming part of a homegrown national park. His presentation and helpful resources can be found below. Thanks to GGG and Doug Tallamy!

See video below for Doug Tallamy’s presentation.

Lots of information was made available during the presentation and so that you don’t have to dig through your old emails we’re providing the links here! Thank you internet!

  • Here is the site to find which plants are best for your area ranked by how many moths and butterflies it will host!
  • Here is the link to the Homegrown National Park.
  • Yellow LED light bulbs are available at Home Depot, Amazon, and ACE to name a few – just google LED yellow bug light bulbs.
  • Information on Go Green Galloway.
  • Information on the Native Plan Society of NJ.
  • Pat Sutton of Cape May has a great website – you can join her Gardening Gang here.
    • Pat also updates her list of nurseries on this page.

Native Plan Nurseries:

Native Plant Landscapers (recommended by viewers in Nov 12th 2020 chat session)